Importance of Information Technology & its security in Hospitality

Now a days using computer and portable gadgets like smart-phones and tablets are not only passion but also a big need of rapidly changing business world. Blackberry has reduced the email response time. From bill payment to any travel booking we use internet, we do 90% of our banking affairs online……
Hospitality industry has adopted Information technology very late in comparison to other industry, but now it is integral part of it. Now a days in any hotel , providing WiFi connection is as important as any other room service. The wireless access provided in hotel or at any other public space is called ‘HotSpot’.
The HotSpot in hotel definitely attracts customer but improperly or insecure access points maybe threat to security of hotel’s IT infrastructure as well as guest’s security.
RCS’ ‘HotChilli’ is complete security solution specially design for Hospitality industry ! Now our clients are secure and their guests too…

Author: Vishal

Vishal is lead Technology Consultant and founder member of Ranadive Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. He is carrying Engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from University of Pune. He is a multifaceted professional with core competencies in Computational techniques, ERP & Business Consultancy. With more than 14 years of experience in his field